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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Tagging Your Site

Why do I need to tag the site?

To enable us to collect your users' intent data and generate recommendations, you'll need to set up the Criteo OneTag. 

Criteo OneTag allows us to collect data based on each user’s journey around your website. For example, the user lands on your homepage before moving on to look at some product detail pages. Next, they add a particular product to their basket, but then abandon the basket and leave your site without completing the purchase.

Although the user didn't complete the order, it clearly demonstrates their personal intent - to buy one or more products from your site. We use this information to serve targeted product recommendations to that specific user, encouraging them to complete their order with you.

Where do I have to implement the Criteo OneTag?

The Criteo OneTag should be implemented on the following pages of your site:

  • Homepage.
  • Search/Category listing pages.
  • Product pages.
  • Basket.
  • Sales Confirmation page.

User experience and performance

The Criteo OneTag doesn't alter your site visually and is completely invisible to your customers. What's more, the Criteo OneTag is asynchronous, so it won't affect your site loading time.

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