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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Setting Your Campaign Up For Success

There are several key factors that will help to improve conversions and boost the success of your campaign. Here are four areas to consider:

  • Product feed quality

The success of your banners relies largely on the quality of your product feed. A broad product feed with high-quality product images makes it easier to display the right product to a shopper and provide personalized recommendations.

Ideally, your feed will include all items on your site. Remember, you must mark prohibited and out-of-stock items as non-recommendable – or remove them from the feed. We will import your feed daily, either from an FTP server or from a URL.

The Criteo Feed Specification Guide covers everything you need to know in more detail.

  • Creative

Each Criteo campaign is made up of many different banners. As the Criteo engine learns about your users, it determines which creative drives the most conversions for each user. If a particular layout or format proves inefficient in converting, the engine will serve the ad less frequently.

  • Coupon kit

The Coupon kit allows you to promote sales and special offers. Essentially, it’s a Photoshop file used to create slides that overlay the logo zone in the banner.

After you create your slides using the coupon kit, simply send them to your Account Strategist who will instruct our creative team to schedule and deploy them. Make sure you give us your coupon kit file at least three days before you would like the promotion to run.

  • Mobile

 Make sure all of your mobile sites are properly tagged. Being able to display ads on mobile devices will greatly expand your reach and help drive incremental sales.

You should also activate Extended Browser Support (EBS) to enable your ads to reach users on iOS. Because Safari blocks third-party cookies by default, Criteo shows a one-time header or footer notification to give users the opportunity to opt out. This workaround can drive significant uplift in sales.

Your Accelerate Team can provide you with available footer styles & activate EBS today!


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