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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How do I differentiate between the various campaign levels?

For each of your accounts found under Campaign Management we provide three different levels to enable you to easily differentiate and manage them more effectively and efficiently. Such levels are:

  1. Campaign Types
  2. Campaigns
  3. Categories

Campaign Types

Each of your campaigns are grouped under three main campaign types to easily differentiate between them. These types are:

  1. Mid-funnel campaigns
  2. Lower-funnel campaigns
  3. Audience selling

Each campaign type shows the average bid, reach, CTR and eCPM price for all the campaigns grouped underneath. In addition, each campaign type provides the total number of audience, reach, clicks and sales for all the campaigns grouped underneath.


Your individual campaigns are found under each campaign type as described above. Each campaign displays information on the total and average number/price of the individual categories listed below. To see all your campaigns, you need to expand your preferred campaign type.


Under your account you may also have individual categories that apply for each campaign. These categories are grouped and displayed under your main campaigns as described above. To see your individual categories, you need to expand your preferred campaign.

Categories are updated and added automatically based on your catalogue, and can feature up to 25 categories.

In some occasions, there are items and categories that cannot be linked to a specific catalogue. Those categories are grouped under an individual category called “Unknown Categories”. These categories cannot be edited individually, and their bid value always matches the value of the campaign they belong to.

To find out how to edit the bid value of your categories, please see How can I edit the bid values of my campaigns/categories?”.

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