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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Criteo Extended Browser Support (EBS)

Don’t miss out on iOS users.

Nearly 75% of mobile commerce in the US is driven by iOS devices. The iOS audience presents a huge opportunity for performance marketers, but many are missing out because Safari blocks third party cookies.

Criteo’s  Extended Browser  Support (EBS) provides a smart, simple solution. With EBS, you can capture that lucrative iOS audience and generate an average of 5% incremental sales. iOS audience is 1.75x more lucrative than other traffic.

A path around cookie blocking

Based on the users positive acknowledgment of their approval of Criteo services, EBS specific transparency and control mechanisms enable you to reach users on iPhone, iPad and desktop by placing a one-time, notice header or footer on your website. Criteo will not track such users without a positive acknowledgement of the users who can change their mind at any time and oppose to our services  via our privacy policy or the AdChoice icon included in all our ads.

Only users who don’t already have a Criteo identifier will see the header or footer, and it is displayed only once per device. Thanks to Criteo advertisers network, most of your users would have already accepted our services on the website of another of our partner. On average, only 5% of your users will see the headers or footers, and for those who do, the typical opt-out rate is  less  than .2%.

Minimal user exposure. Maximum return.

Thanks to Criteo advertisers network and the fact that users can accept Criteo services through the EBS transparency and choice mechanisms implemented on our partners websites, on  average only 5% of your users will see the EBS headers or footers on your website, and it drives an average of 5% incremental sales.

Transparency and  control

EBS focuses on putting transparency and control in the hands of users. Non-disruptive to visitors, EBS lets you expand your audience while giving users a clear choice in customizing their browsing experience.

iOS users represent a valuable – and growing – online audience. With EBS, you can capture those users in your performance marketing pool without comprising the user experience. In fact, many of our biggest advertisers are already on EBS – why aren’t  you?


Contact your dedicated Accelerate team today to get set up with EBS today!

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