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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How To Activate Native Ads

When it comes to the graphical configuration of a native ad, the work is done by the publisher, based on Criteo-provided elements. This means only our Technical Solutions team will activate native banners – creative services are not involved.

Can we isolate native ad or publisher campaigns in CPOP?

As a user-centric solution, we do not provide a view per publisher or format. The Criteo engine will smartly bid at a user and a banner level to drive the best performance for our clients. 

Remember, the more data the Criteo engine learns from, the better the performance. By adding incremental inventory, you increase the chance of finding the right user (at the right time) and displaying the right ad to drive more conversions.

As we continually develop our native offer, the product is constantly improved from the back end structure and front end rendering, which should also have a positive impact on performance. 

Can we modify the look and feel of the banners?

As the banner configurations are defined by the publisher, we cannot modify them.

Publishers decide on:

  • Background colors and fonts
  • Number of products displayed – it can be multiple products or just one 
  • Information displayed – such as product name, price, description, advertiser’s name 
  • Whether the banner will be text only. 

That said, all the information displayed in a native ad is based on your product feed and we map the creative based on the publishers' specs. For every account, we’ll generate a library of fields aligned with the product feed (short title, long title, short description, long description, short message, long message etc), which we then pass to the publisher to generate the ad.


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