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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Mid-Funnel Overview

Get  more  from your  customer acquisition  budget.

Every retailer needs to bring new customers in the door to survive, but  in  a competitive  online  retail  environment, customer acquisition can be expensive – and you need to make the most of that investment.

Criteo can help you capture higher acquisition performance by targeting high-potential dormant users.

Capture new  customers with Criteo

Acquiring new customers can be costly  – maximize  your  spend by re-engaging those users who  have  already expressed interest  in  your brand.  On  average, a visitor who fails  to return to your  site within 11 days  of their first visit will never return.  Criteo  helps  you  re-engage with those  users  through performance-driven personalized ads  that help  turn  lapsed users  into  customers.

Maximize return on ad  spend

Criteo’s  acquisition  tool  complements your  current acquisition  strategy by re-engaging users  that  are  most  likely to convert. Targeting lapsed users  is  not only more  cost-effective  than  targeting brand new  leads  – it  also  drives  more sales.

Pay only for clicks

Criteo’s  performance-driven  cost-per-click model means  you  only pay  for clicks –not  impressions  – regardless  of the  scale of your  campaign.  Our  post-click sales attribution  model helps  you  optimize spend and  eliminate  waste.

Criteo’s  acquisition tool  has  helped online retailers drive on average 20% more sales from new customers

Maximize Seasonal and Yearly Buyers

Criteo lets you target seasonal buyers by engaging them at the time at which they are most likely to buy. Criteo’s cookies stay active for 400  days,  so  you  can increase  volume  and drive  new  sales  by re-acquiring lapsed buyers. Through targeted campaigns, you can drive high potential users to your website and turn them from past purchasers to recent customers.

Personalized for performance

The Criteo engine automatically analyzes user behaviors to capture interest and intent. Using that information, we deliver product-relevant ads  and recommendations, driving increased sales and higher ROI for advertisers

More  acquisitions.  More  sales.

Our acquisition  campaigns  identify the right time to  re-engage users  with targeted, personalized ads and product recommendations,  as well as:

  • Delivering 50% more  new  customers than  lower  funnel  campaigns
  • Targeting users  already  exposed to  your  brand
  • Increasing sales  by up  to  15%

Leverage  our  expertise

Submit a ticket now with your requested CPC and our team will activate your campaign today! 

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