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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Why should I launch Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Increased performance

Criteo  Dynamic  Retargeting understands consumer purchase intent across the entire shopping journey  to serve real-time,  relevant ads across Facebook  and beyond.

User Level Recommendations

For each shopper, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting   accurately   predicts the  best  offers  across the  entire catalogue and recommends new items not yet viewed, driving an average of  28% of  sales  due   to new  product discovery.

Maximum  Reach

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting reaches consumers wherever they are  online - within Facebook as well as beyond. Enjoy premium access to the broadest array of desktop and mobile placements, thanks to Criteo’s direct relationships  with 11,000+ publisher partners.

Efficient spend

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting is purpose-built to boost sales and maximize purchase   conversion through automatically optimized bids and ads  tailored  to your shoppers’ behaviour and shopping patterns.

Granular Optimization

The Criteo Performance Platform analyses over 230  terabytes of data daily; optimizes bids for every Criteo advertiser on Facebook on as many as 60 adsets hourly; handles 15M requests per second; and continuously learns from  2.2B ads served every day.


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