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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Engine Optimized Segments


About Engine Optimized Segments

Instead of bidding based on static category and shopper segments, Criteo Engine Optimized Segmentation combines all shoppers into one pool, which allows the engine to bid more efficiently.

By having one pool of shoppers versus many, the engine itself can determine the value of each shopper individually, bidding less aggressively on shoppers identified as less valuable, and more so on shoppers identified as more valuable.

This method consistently delivers COS improvements with constant sales volume; sales volume improvements with constant COS; or both.

Managing your CPC bid is key to the success of this method.  At a low bid, our engine only targets shoppers with the highest intent signals. As you increase the bid, you reach  shoppers farther up the funnel, where you stand to gain a higher volume of incremental sales. These shoppers are more expensive to obtain, but targeting them will help grow your sales volume and top line revenue.

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