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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Is Your Campaign Optimized for the Mobile Moment?

Let’s face it, your shoppers are browsing and buying on-the-go. In fact, 40% of ecommerce transactions now involve multiple devices along the path to purchase, and 60% of mobile transactions happen on smartphones.

You can reach, engage and convert those mobile consumers with these four mobile solutions from Criteo.

Mobile Site Tagging

Be sure to tag your mobile visitors to drive maximum ROI.

  • 33% of desktop transactions involve prior browsing on mobile*
  • Tagging your mobile site is especially vital if you run on large mobile inventory sources like Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Tagging enables our Universal Match solution to match more of your users and their behaviors across devices
  • It’s easy! Ask for a custom tag from your Accelerate team!

Extended Browser Support (EBS)

 Retarget high-value Safari users.

  •  Safari’s default settings block all third-party cookies
  • Nearly 75% of mobile commerce in the US is driven by iOS devices
  • iOS traffic converts at a higher rate (almost 2x) than non-iOS traffic
  • Safari is responsible for 20%+ of most advertisers’ traffic, and EBS enables you to retarget a large portion of that audience
  • Less than 0.2% of Safari traffic opts out of EBS
  •  It’s simple! EBS requires no technical implementation on your end

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

 The only way to retarget users in the Facebook Mobile App.

  •  Existing Criteo advertisers who enable Facebook DPA enjoy 12+% sales uplift across all their campaigns
  • Women’s fashion retailer Soft Surroundings grew sales 7X and increased online retargeting traffic with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and Facebook DPA
  • Fashion and home goods retailer La Redoute doubled their CTR and drove 28% of incremental sales from new product discoveries with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and Facebook DPA
  • It’s easy! The Accelerate team can implement DPA on your behalf once you accept Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Universal Match

 Maximize relevance across all devices.

  • 39% of purchases completed via desktop include a cross-device journey
  • Universal Match delivers the most relevant ads to all consumers across all devices
  • It recognizes an average of 25% more return shoppers who would otherwise be seen as new visitors
  • Eliminates cross-device id graphs that don’t scale; imprecise, probabilistic matching; and closed ecosystems that can’t support the full customer journey
  • It’s not complicated! Universal Match requires just a small update to your existing Criteo Tags

Capture more mobile moments and sales by taking advantage of Criteo’s full suite of mobile-optimized and cross-device solutions.

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