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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns


We recommend having Criteo OneTag implemented across all five page types (homepage, listing, product, basket, conversion) to best track a user’s intention as they navigate through your website and beyond.


Implementing Criteo OneTag on your homepage allows us to track bouncers (users who land on your homepage but leave your site without making a purchase). Criteo can then display banners with bestseller products to these users.


A search listing page shows multiple products; it can be a category page or a search result page. Implementing the Criteo OneTag on these pages allows us to track a user's interest in a certain kind of product (eg. products of a particular category). Many users just browse your search listing and category pages and don't click through to the product specific pages, so implementing the Criteo OneTag on these pages is key to tracking these users.


In terms of the Criteo OneTag, a product page contains details of a specific product. Installing the Criteo OneTag on product pages is key to the tracking process because this is where user intent is expressed most strongly. There are many users who land directly on product pages without going through your search listing pages.


The Criteo OneTag should be implemented on your basket/cart page to track users who abandon their order before the checkout.


The Criteo OneTag must be installed on the sales confirmation page to track the product bought by your users. Tracking what the user buys allows Criteo to optimize banner display so that products already bought by the user won't be shown on any banners that they see in future. Capturing this information will also allow you to measure the ROI on your Criteo banners.


Make sure all of your mobile sites are properly tagged. Being able to display ads on mobile devices will greatly expand your reach and help drive incremental sales.

Universal Match

Criteo Universal Match enables Criteo to accurately match users across multiple devices. To benefit from this technology, you will need to add the Universal Match parameter to your existing Criteo OneTag.


The Criteo OneTag allows Criteo to collect user browsing intent on your site. This newest version of our tag also allows advertisers to take advantage of many of our newer features including Universal Match, EBS and Facebook DPA.

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