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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns


Quality (above 80%?)

Your feed quality score is displayed as a percent of products that are able to be recommended in display ads. Above 80% means that your feed is healthy. If you have a feed quality score below 80% please reach out to us –we will work on solutions to improve it.


The price is the price at which the product is available for purchase on the site. If a given product is “on sale” the price would be populated with the sale price. We recommend including a sale price on a product level as we’ve found it will increase CTR and therefore CR across your campaign.

Retail Price

The retail price is the price at which the product is recommended to be sold for by the manufacturer. If a given product is “on sale,” the retail price would be populated with the higher price. If you’re including both the price and retail price in your feed we’ll be able to display both within the banner to highlight the discount being given.


By classifying your products within categories in your feed it helps the Criteo engine know which products are similar and therefore improves our product recommendations.

Recommendable/In-Stock Field

Ideally, your feed will include all items on your site. However, you must mark prohibited and out-of-stock items as non-recommendable. We will import your feed daily, either from an FTP server or from a URL.

Product Name

The name is the product’s title, typically as it is displayed on the product’s detail page. This will be used as the main text descriptor in the banners for a given product. Because of the design of the banners, shorter names (fewer than 25 characters) are more likely to fit in Criteo’s formats and layouts. If you have products with multiple options (eg. color, size, gender), it is best to only put the parent product’s name in this field within the product feed.

Product Description

The description is a short piece of text that gives more information about a product in addition to its name. Because of the design of the banners, shorter descriptions (under 50 characters) fits better in the banners.


By including image URLs within your product feed we will be able to display the product’s image in your banners. Ideally, images are between 300 and 400 pixels wide and under 1MB in size.

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