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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Products in Banners

How does Criteo determine "Best Of" products?

  • “Best of” are the most viewed/clicked/purchased products. Best of products are shown to users who have not looked at a product or who have looked at a product that is not in the product feed.

How does the Criteo engine know what products to show to whom?

  • The Criteo OneTag passes us information. For example, the product tag passes us the product ID; we match it to the one in your product feed, and dynamically show that product into the banner.

What is the time frame used when analyzing audience data to determine which products are served in the banners?

  • Our product recommendations are based on real-time data matched back to the last products viewed on site. If the user hasn’t viewed a product then we’ll show them the most up-to­-date “best of” products. 
  • Our engine predicts CTR of the last 7 days of displays, clicks from the last 21 days and average order value from the last 21 days. These are all used in predicting the “best of”.

How are full price/sale price products shown in the banners?

  • This is based on what the customer is interested in. If they view a discounted product, we'll show them that product (to maintain relevance).
  • We cannot manipulate what products are displayed in the banners. If you'd like to promote a sale or promotion, it's best to use a coupon kit.
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